Opening Temple Coffee’s 6th Location

By Elise Richardson, Temple Coffee Director of Education

There is a nervous excitement about opening up a new store. There are so many future possibilities of the neighborhood you join, the customers you befriend, and the chaos of where the heck everything should go! For me at Temple, this is my first experience opening up a new store, and boy am I excited to show it off. 

I spoke with our project manager, Lilah, in order to get a better perspective on some of the design decisions and build out process that went into Temple’s 16th Street location:

“With the 16th Street location, we intentionally wanted it to be warm and welcoming to families. The lighter grain of wood and abundance of plants were ways in which we could soften up the space to make it seem more home-y and comfortable for our guests. Because we are so close to Fremont Park, which is famous for their annual Chalk It Up festival, we decided to add a chalk wall where customers can request to design a square foot chalk block to hang into a collage on the wall. This provides an outlet for local artists and a fun thing to do with your kids on the weekends.”  

In addition to the welcoming space and chalk wall feature, we also chose to step up our equipment game by introducing La Marzocco’s brand new KB90 espresso machine. We are amongst the first thirty people in the United States to receive this machine, and have thoroughly drooled over all of its new features. To be brief, because I know I can nerd out, the functionality allows us to put less wear and tear on a barista’s body while making it even easier to serve quick and consistently delicious espresso beverages. The store also features a Curtis G4 twin coffee brewer, a tapped system for our cold brew and nitro coffee, and a Curtis Seraphim automated pour over bar.

Amongst the new equipment, we have also added some new exciting items to the menu which are exclusive to our 16th Street location. Matcha. Did you catch it? We have delicious organic Matcha lattes available hot or iced. For all the vegan and lactose intolerant people, we are also serving oat milk. We heard your cries and have delivered another alternative milk option just for you! This store also features flash brews, a made-to-order rotating single origin iced pour over option for anyone wanting an alternative to cold brewed iced coffee. There are unique Puur chocolate options as well as new Sugar Plum vegan and gluten-free brownies and tarts only available at 16th Street. 

When I arrived at 5am, there were already 10 early birds out front waiting for their exclusive giveaways. The excitement and support from our new neighborhood was overwhelming. We are so happy to be here in Sacramento, making your life a little easier by joining different local communities closer to your work or home. If you have not checked out the new location, trust me, it is worth it! Come in and say hi, drool over the espresso machine with us, and try our new drink offerings. Our baristas would love to meet you!

The line right after 6 am!

I have added some pictures of the build out and training process if you are curious about all the intentionality and hard work that went into creating this space. Enjoy!

Our Quality Control Technician and I learning the ins-and-outs of the KB90.
It took a while, but things slowly came together in bits and pieces.
This is our amazing cafe crew. Say hi to these hardworking team members the next time you see them!
Plants! Bringing the new space to life.