Guatemala Buena Vista Single Origin Espresso
Guatemala Buena Vista Single Origin Espresso
Product image 1Guatemala Buena Vista Single Origin Espresso
Product image 2Guatemala Buena Vista Single Origin Espresso

Guatemala Buena Vista Single Origin Espresso

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BODY: Creamy
FLAVOR: Cherry Soda, Lemon, Butterscotch
FINISH: Bittersweet

Singing notes of bubbly cherry soda and light lemon citrus balanced by flavors of creamy butterscotch, this espresso offers a complex and cheerful tasting experience. The espresso coats the mouth with a creamy body and bittersweet cocoa nib finish.


Located in a small community in San Martin Jilotepeque in the Chimaltenango region of Guatemala, Concepción Buena Vista has been operating for more than 150 years. What started as a small family farm that yielded corn, beans, and coffee has grown steadily over four generations to the high-quality coffee farming and processing operation that exists today. Concepción Buena Vista is dedicated to improving coffee quality through experimentation with processing as well as providing education within the local community. In February 2020, our Director of Coffee travelled to Guatemala City for a few days where he and our exporter visited a local cafe, 12 Onzas. This cafe is owned by David Solano, a two-time National Barista Champion (2018, 2019) and fourth generation owner of Concepción Buena Vista. Solano introduced his cafe, family farm, and unique coffee specifically prepared as espresso to our Director of Coffee during his visit. In addition to teaching his visitors and customers about specialty coffee, Solano also experiments with various processing methods as a means to improve coffee quality and to identify greater flavor impact in the final cup. Twelve percent of his coffee processing is done throught experimental methods, including Nitro Process, Lactic Process, and Anaerobic Process. His dedication and contribution to specialty coffee is now evident on a global scale, particularly after last year when Solano's espresso ranked third best espresso at the World Barista Championship 2019.


LOCATION: Chimaltenango, Guatemala
PRODUCER, FARM: Concepción Buena Vista

ALTITUDE: 1650-1850 MASL
VARIETAL: Red Bourbon, Red Catuai
PRODUCTION METHOD: Natural Nitro Maceration

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