Peru Valle Inca
Peru Valle Inca

Peru Valle Inca

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Offering a full, smooth body, this Peruvian coffee is packed with flavor. Notes of sweet and nutty almond brittle are present at first sip, followed by hints of pear and an orange, citrus-like acidity which comes to a slightly lingering finish.
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"Valle Inca is not just an organization that buys and sells coffee. Our goal is to find a sustainable future for the community," says Prudencio Saenz Vargas, the founder and leader of producer group, Valle Inca. Located in the Yanatile Valley of Cusco, Peru, the Valle Inca group was started unofficially in 2015. At the time, Prudencio ran the organization informally as a means to provide financial assistance to its producers, and thereby reinvest in the agricultural community. Born on a coffee farm and having grown up in the coffee industry, Prudencio witnessed first-hand the unfair treatment and low pay that farmers endured for their hard work. After working as an agricultural loan officer and dealing directly with coffee producers, Prudencio decided to focus more on providing agrononic support to his clients, which led to the formation of the Valle Inca group. In its first year, Valle Inca included just five members and produced twenty quintals of coffee, or approximately 4,400 pounds. Since formalizing the organization in 2020, Valle Inca now has over 100 members and produces upwards of 600 tons of coffee per year. In addition to the group's high quality coffee, Prudencio credits the tremendous growth and success of Valle Inca to the support and trust the organization instills in the community. Throughout the group's early years and even through the pandemic, Valle Inca's unwavering goal has always been to keep its promise to producers. Agronomic support, financial sustainability, and member health and wellbeing remain at the forefront. "At the end of the day, we are a family, we are the Valle Inca family," says Prudencio. Regarding the many challenges brought on by the pandemic, Prudencio expressed, "If someone needs a loan, we have to find a way to do it, whether we have the resources or not to support them in their hardest moments. Now we have to look after health issues, social effects. For example, right now we’re working to get psychologists for the producers, so they can improve their mental health and quality of life." The care and support given to Valle Inca members is reflected directly in the quality of the coffee these hardworking farmers produce. We're proud to offer coffee from the members of Valle Inca, our first time obtaining coffee from this steadfast, admirable group.

Tasting Notes

BODY: Full
FLAVOR: Almond Brittle, Pear, Orange
FINISH: Slight Lingering

Regional Info

LOCATION: Cusco, Peru
PRODUCER, FARM: Valle Inca, Mixed Farmers
ALTITUDE: 1600-2000 MASL
VARIETAL: Caturra, Typica, Bourbon



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