Temple Protocols for Safety and Sanitation

The protocols listed below are in place at all seven of our retail locations to ensure we maintain the safest space possible for our team and guests.

UPDATED: 5/22/2020

  • Outdoor Patio Seating: Limited, modified outdoor guest seating is available (in Sacramento County cafes only). Seating areas are placed 6 feet apart, with limited chairs available to avoid crowding. Tables and chairs are sanitized between each guest usage. We are not offering indoor seating for guests at this time.
  • Face coverings: Face coverings are required for team members while working in all cafes. Face coverings are encouraged for guests while visiting our Sacramento County cafes (mandatory for Davis cafe guests).
  • Personal Cups: Discontinued use of personal cups and the use of to-go cups only. We will still honor drink discounts for customers who bring in a personal cup.
  • Serveware: Discontinued use of serveware. All items are served in to-go packaging
  • Sanitation: Sanitation of all door handles and trafficked areas every 15 minutes. Timers are to remain for all sanitation buckets to ensure they stay fresh and replenished.
  • Stylus: Use of a stylus for touch screen registers for our guests and team members. The stylus is sanitized between each use for guests. 
  • Payment Methods: Encouragement of contactless payment options.
  • Condiment bar protocols: Removal of self-serve condiment bar items. Please ask a team member for creamer, sugar, napkins, etc. 
  • Sick Policy: Advocate for all team members and customers who are not feeling well to stay home, and to return only when fully recovered.
  • Hand Washing: Posting of thorough hand washing requirements at all hand washing stations.
  • Hand Sanitizer: Hand sanitizer stations are installed for our team members. Hand sanitizer is available at the register for guest use.
  • Shared Events: Discontinued public tastings and coffee sampling areas.
  • Delivery: GrubHub alternative delivery and pick-up options available.


  • Face coverings: We fully support our team members who choose to wear face coverings while working. All cafes and warehouses are supplied with face coverings for team members.
  • Gloves required: Gloves are provided, and must be worn by all team members while working and changed as needed to ensure they are clean at all times. Team members must wash their hands before putting on gloves and after taking them off.
  • Sanitizer: We have supplied all cafes with hand sanitizer that is 60% alcohol or higher. This is to be stored by register areas for team members.
  • Hand washing posts in all applicable areas: The best precaution we can take to ensure we all remain safe and healthy is to follow proper hand washing procedures. All team members are required to be following these procedures 110% of the time. There are posted steps on proper hand washing at all hand washing stations. Team members do not handle money, grab food, or make beverages for guests without using proper hand washing protocols. We are not in a hurry and we are taking the time to ensure all steps are taken for team and guest safety.
  • Sick policy: Team members cannot come to work while experiencing any signs or symptoms of any illness. They may return to work after they are symptom free for 72 hours (without the use of fever reducing medicine). Signage is posted on our doors to encourage the public to not enter if experiencing symptoms of illness and to return when well.
  • Employee areas: Employee break areas are sanitized after every use using bleach solution and paper towels to clean all surfaces including but not limited to break tables, microwave handles and buttons, backs of chairs, etc. (After each use).
  • Social Distancing: We have implemented blue floor tape as 6 foot markers to use as a guest guide for social distancing. 
  • Door handles: Bleach solution on a paper towel is used to wipe all handles and door push bars. New paper towels are used as needed. (Every 15 minutes, or more often if needed).
  • Doors: Doors to our cafes will be open whenever the weather allows to ensure guests can enter and exit without touching the handles. Stores with double doors will have both sides open to allow for extra space to pass through.
  • Bathrooms: Using bleach solution on paper towels, team members ensure the space is clean and wiped down. This includes faucets, sink handles, door handles, hand dryers, wall assistance bars, trash cans and toilet lever(s) (every 15-minutes or after each use if it has been locked). Bathrooms remain locked during open hours and can be unlocked upon a guest’s request. 
  • Stylus: Sanitized stylus between each use using bleach solution. A separate stylus is provided for team members and guests for use on the iPad register.
  • iPad: A paper towel sprayed with bleach solution is used to wipe the iPad case/holder. The iPad screen is wiped with a designated clean towel that is only used for that purpose. (Every 15 minutes, or more often if needed).
  • Dedicated sanitizer tub: All cafes have a separate sanitizing tub labeled 15-minute loop sanitizer. Timers are labeled and in use for sanitation loops at all times.
  • Water changes: Sanitation tubs and sinks with sanitation water are changed every 30- minutes. Timers are labeled and in use for required 30- minute sanitizer changes. Sanitation tubs are checked for appropriate ppm with test strips after every water change.
  • Register counter area: The counter area surrounding our registers is wiped down with the dedicated rag from the sanitizer tub, rinsed with warm water and then returned to the tub (every 15 minutes, or more often if needed).
  • Lobby surfaces: A rag is used from the dedicated sanitizer tub, to do a full and complete loop inside and outside to wipe down all surfaces that are in guest areas. This is including but not limited to: tables, condiment bar, counters, or any surfaces in guest areas. The rag is then thoroughly rinsed with warm water and returned to the sanitizer tub. (Every 15 minutes or more often if needed).
  • Removed seating inside and out: While we love seeing our guests enjoy their beverages with us, we cannot allow anyone to sit inside or on the patio of our cafes. 
  • Condiment bar protocols: In order to ensure everyone’s safety, we will not be keeping any items on our condiment bars. Our team members will gladly pour all creamers and alternative milks for guests, as well as provide sugar options.
  • Suspended personal cup use: We have suspended the use of personal cups, but we will gladly honor the discount for any guest who has their cup. 
  • Phone use: Team members must sanitize the cafe phone with bleach spray after use by a team member. If a team member touches their personal phone, they have been asked to follow appropriate hand washing procedures.