September 2019 Coffee Events

September 6th | 2829 S Street | Decaf Coffee at S Street Cafe
What’s the point of coffee without the caffeine? We often hear that decaffeination changes the flavor of coffee, but is that true? Find out what is really happening when coffee is decaffeinated as you taste coffees side-by-side and see for yourself.

September 13th | 2200 K Street | Coffee Processing at K Street Cafe
Few people know that a coffee bean is actually the seed of a coffee cherry. There are many different ways to strip the beans from the fruit mucilage, the most popular being washed, natural, and hybrid methods. We will take a look at some of the different methods of processing a coffee seed. We’ll also explore the flavor differences and look at some new and experimental ways of processing coffee.

September 20th | 1615 16th St | Water Quality at 16th Street Cafe
Have you ever wondered why your coffee tastes different at home compared to in a coffee shop? Chances are the water you are using is one of the key culprits. Come learn about water’s impact on brewing coffee and taste side-by-side how different types of water change the way it tastes.

September 27th | 239 G Street, Davis | Extraction at Davis Cafe
Prepare for the geekiest of coffee conversations as we venture into the world of extraction. When pouring hot water over ground coffee, we are extracting a percentage of the soluble coffee particles. But how do we know exactly what to aim for? Come explore the mysteries of coffee extraction as we experiment and tackle different ways to approach and find the “perfect brew”.