Wholesale Training

Temple Coffee Wholesale Training

Temple is committed to training.  Our training department is made of SCAA and BGA certified instructors, Barista Champions, and passionate educators.  We believe that the trained Barista, Roaster, or Coffee Professional can turn coffee from an insipid brown beverage into something magical, something of legend.

Wholesale Training

Temple’s training program is designed to teach you and your staff how to produce a legendary coffee experience.  What is a legendary coffee experience?  At Temple, it begins with a greeting, moves to creating and serving a superior product, and ends as an inspired experience that lends itself to conversation.  This entire transaction must also happen quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, without pretension.

Many training programs start and end with the creation of drinks.  At Temple, our training program begins with our definition of a superb espresso, moves to drink creation, touches on preventative maintenance of your equipment, and finishes with basic drink recipes.  Our wholesale training consists of the exact same curriculum as our retail staff’s training program, which can be organized into a one, two or three day plan.  If you succeed, we succeed together.  This is why Temple also offers free brush-ups to all wholesale customers every six months.  Temple’s wholesale training program is totally complete and rewarding, and has been refined through years of experience, creating solidly successful results.

Wholesale Training

Our Training department’s goal is to have you feeling confident in your new knowledge, skills, and ability to approach your customer as a Coffee Professional.

For more information, feel free to contact our training department at Trainer@TempleCoffee.com

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