Temple is a coffee-centric, quality focused, retail and wholesale purveyor in Sacramento, California.
We strive to be a leader in coffee excellence. This means we provide customer service bar none, and
educate and support our community, whether it is in Sacramento or Kenya. At Temple, our definition of success is to be sustainable fiscally, socially and environmentally. Our goal is to be a business model for sustainability. We believe that customer service is key, that our café patrons appreciate our inner coffee-geekiness, and we encourage our wholesale customers to help us spread our coffee-collective. Temple has achieved many awards and accolades; you can check them out here. A simpler, and tastier way to enjoy our vision, is to visit one of our cafes, or just give us a call.

We've earned a devoted following due to our passion… some call it an obsession for sharing coffee
excellence. Do you have an urge to experience, create, and share your own coffee experience?
Temple… Temple… Temple… That wasn't mind control, just a suggestion. We can help. Contact Temple: info@templecoffee.com and 916.454.1282

Some Faves From the Temple Shop
We feature exceptional artisanal coffee roasts,expertly sourced teas, and a complete range of merchandise, as well. Click here for our online store.

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