New Eco-friendly Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

Since opening our doors in 2005, we have prioritized working with farmers and producers who reduce their environmental impact, creating a sustainable supply chain for all of our coffees. Today, we are thrilled to announce the release of our plant-based packaging that aligns with our sustainability beliefs and practices.
Our 12oz packaging will now be in Biotre® 2.0 bags, which are made from plant-based, renewable resources. The outer layers are biodegradable at a home compost level and are made from wood pulp, a plant-based renewable resource that is one of the most versatile and raw materials available. The interior sealable layer is made from sugar cane, which is also a plant-based, renewable resource. Utilizing sugar cane for this layer makes for an environmentally clean choice while still ensuring the durability of our bags and the freshness of our coffee.
 Transitioning to Biotre® 2.0 packaging helps reduce the amount of long-term waste and lower our environmental impact. This packaging can be processed in a home compost to convert 60% of the material, however, it is not recommended for municipal or industrial composting. The inner layer, valve, and zipper should be removed from compost and disposed of with normal trash. This process means that 60% less material goes to our landfills.
We believe that coffees and their packaging should be sustainable, and look forward to furthering our ongoing mission of environmental sustainability.