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Roaster's Choice Single Origin - Most Popular Subscription!

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Our Roaster's Choice Single Origin is our most popular subscription option for our Coffee Club. Our Roastery Manager selects a curated single origin coffee each month that is exclusive to Coffee Club members. This option is a great way to sample a range of exciting exclusive seasonal offerings without the hassle of deciding which coffee to choose from each month. 

Join our Coffee Club and automatically receive freshly roasted coffee delivered to your door. Simply choose your coffee and quantity, set your delivery frequency, and leave the rest to us! Never run out of coffee again.

Currently shipping: Sumatra Tano Batak

Crisp warm notes of aromatic cedar greet you at first sip. This bold note is soon rounded out with bright acidity notes of tart apple while notes of cacao nibs coat your palate at the finish.

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This Sumatran Wet Hulled coffee comes to us from a group of small holder farms located in the Lintong, Humbang and Hasundutan regions of Indonesia. The coffee is collected from a large group of farmers and grown at altitudes of 1350 to 1650 meters above sea level. This coffee then undergoes the wet hulling process once gathered, wherein the layer of parchment is stripped off prior to drying, as opposed to the washed or honey processing, where the parchement is left on until the coffee is ready for shipping. This process provides the beans extended sun exposure and results in a bolder, more earthy profile compared to its sharply acidic washed counterparts. We are excited to release a Sumatran coffee for this month's Roaster's Choice for you to enjoy!

Tasting Notes

BODY: Bold
FLAVOR: Cedar, Tart Apple, Cacao Nibs
FINISH: Complex

Regional Info

LOCATION: Lintong, Indonesia
PRODUCER, FARM: Various Smallholder Farmers and Producers
ALTITUDE: 1350-1650 MASL
VARIETAL: S. Lini, Ateng, Jember



This coffee is available for subscription! Use promo code NEWCLUB25 and take 25% off your first Coffee Club order.

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