Behind The Beam

Behind The Beam

Temple coffee is inextricably linked to the city of Sacramento. Our story started here in 2005 and we have called this our home and its residents our friends. Another classic Sacramento institution is the Sacramento Kings. It is with this connection in mind that we are thrilled to debut our new blend The Beam, a tribute to the King’s success and all they mean to our community!


We wanted to find a blend that, like the King’s, was accessible to everyone. To achieve this, we are using two of our favorite coffees, each of which fills a role, working together to succeed. The first of these is the Finca Candelaria from Guatemala. This bold, hearty coffee provides a smooth, round body that anchors the coffee, like Sabonis in the paint. Next we added our Ethiopian Mulish, a fruity, naturally processed coffee. This addition offers flashes of bright acidity that will have you thinking of Fox’s quick flashes to the basket.


Together, these individual elements form a greater whole. The Beam features notes of ripe raspberry balanced by the floral sweetness of honeysuckle and nutty undertones of dark honey. There is a tangy sweetness underlying it all, that brings to mind a crisp glass of limeade.


This crowd pleaser will have you feeling like royalty as we roll towards the playoffs! Go Kings!!!



A lion mascot throwing a bag of coffee into a basketball hoop.