Capital Cold Brew Blend
Capital Cold Brew Blend

Capital Cold Brew Blend

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Bringing to mind the lightness and energy of summer, our Capital Cold Brew Blend offers notes of bright citrus zest and tart dried cherry. Hints of rich chocolate ensue, carried by a medium body and ending in a lingering finish. A true crowd-pleaser, our Capital Cold Brew invigorates with a smooth, lightly sweet cup that will keep you refreshed all season long.

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Behold the return of our Capital Cold Brew Blend this spring and summer! As the name implies, our Capital Cold Brew was crafted by our Head Roaster and Director of Coffee to be brewed cold, just in time for the warm weather months ahead. This year, we updated the blend components to include aspects of some of our favorite coffees. Featuring coffees from Ethiopia, Brazil, and Colombia, our new Capital Cold Brew combines the vibrancy and fruit-forward flavors of Ethiopian coffees with the smooth and chocolaty flavors of South American coffees. Imparting fruity and bright flavors, like dried cherry and citrus, the Ethiopian coffee comes from the Gora Kone Washing Station in the country’s Sidamo region. The two South American components come from Campos Altos, Brazil and Huila, Colombia. Each of these two offerings contribute added depth to make one flavorful, smooth, and invigorating cup. The resulting blend offers a refreshing, subtly sweet, richly smooth experience that makes it an ideal iced beverage. Easy-drinking while giving a layered tasting experience, our Capital Cold Brew Blend enlivens the palate, making it the perfect drink to have throughout the heat of summer. Enjoy!

Tasting Notes

BODY: Medium
FLAVOR: Chocolate, Dried Cherry, Citrus
FINISH: Lingering

Regional Info

LOCATION: Campos Altos, Brazil | Huila, Colombia | Sidamo, Ethiopia
ALTITUDE: 1000-2050 MASL
PRODUCTION METHOD: Natural (Brazil) | Washed (Colombia & Ethiopia)



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